5 South Short Films You Can Watch on YouTube During Home Quarantine

We get it that you are bored during this lockdown in home but that's the only best option we have got right now. So, to cheer you up little we have got here a list of 5 good South movies that you guys can watch on YouTube. And without wasting anymore time, they have been listed below:

1: Fugue

The story revolved around a lonely girl named Ashley and how her life & perspective changes in a strange way when she meets a guy named Roy.

2: Ambani The Investor

This one is a sweet inspirational short film. The story is about a small boy from a very poor family who at his school going age starts contributing in his home's expenses and his personal needs by doing small tasks and later on making moves to get his life going.

3: Paroksh

This short film is based on a real life incident and will keep you hooked up tightly till the end. The incidence takes place with a family living in Karnataka surrounded with dense vegetation. They all start experiencing an eerie incidence, especially at wee hours as they hear a baby’s cry from a nearby tree.

4: Kamuki

Kamuki is a short Malayalam film revolving around a Malayalee girl living in Kolkata. It goes around her school and home as she looks for her boyfriend who has left her pregnant with anxiety and depression. It is only later on when realises a thing or two at the end.

5: Rendu Idly

This short film is based on a single mother and her son. It is about all the struggles and sacrifices the mother makes for her son to manage the education and necessary needs. But it all comes fruitful when the son grows into a fine adult and gets a job only to know one thing at the end.