First images of NPR 2020 forms hit internet

The much discussed forms of "National Population Register (NPR) 2020" started doing rounds on social media this morning. On an addition to the last 2010 NPR forms, this one seeks the "place of birth of father and mother along with their Aadhar number & voter id". Opposition ministers already started criticising the forms on this basis although when confirmed by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), a spokesperson of them said that they are only surveying the early forms and the fields aren't finalised yet. So we can expect some changes before the forms actually come into effect ext year.

Opposition ministers are claiming that the data collected through these NPR forms will be used for further NRC process while the home minister has said there's no link between NPR & NRC.

Seems, a lots is to come out before we make some solid assumptions.

Source: The Hindu